Osgood-Schlatter and squatting??

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Getting some mixed messages on Osgood-Schlatter and squatting. Some say squat and some say don't. If there's little or no pain it's ok to squat, correct?? And then ice postworkout.

Osgood-Schlatter and squatting??

If there is no pain no reason why you shouldn't squat, best exercise around. as for little pain, well that's a very broad subject, is it muscle soreness, spinal, knee, shoulders???

Osgood-Schlatter and squatting??

I had that when I was younger too. Somedays it was so bad that I couldn't walk up the stairs!
Based on my experience, I would say, keep going with the squats; pain will happen, and most times it won't be too terrible, but know that there will times when you're going to have to accept the fact that rest is more important (I think the longest I ever went without being able to do anything was just a couple days...which really stunk because it was right in the middle of a basketball tourney I was playing in!).
In the mean time...iceing, stretching it. You could also use some anti-inflammatory (Advil) pills (remember that there are dosages on the Advil for a reason...more isn't better in this case).
Lastly, there is also a band or strap that can sometimes help with the pain. Here is a link that shows a couple diff. kinds http://www.kneeshop.com/products.asp?cat=14 I had one, but never really liked it so I didn't wear it much. I did, however, have 'ultrasound' done on it now and again.

Good luck!

What eo said

Can't really add anything eo didn't say already... I had it so bad that a bone chip partially tore off and was still attached to the tendon. My doctor (the team doctor for the University I was coaching at, no less!) told me never to squat again.... About a year later it was miracously gone and I had no problems since then.

Tiger balm can work to some degree...

I do have one cure that I used, which was real effective... The coach I was working with had a "secret soviet herbal rub" which worked tremendously. Took ALL the pain away, but he would never tell me what was in it. Years later I was thinking about it and came to the conclusion it was probably DMSO! Smelled awful, but worked great, but if I remember correctly, is also illegal for that use.

Osgood-Schlatter and squatting??

Osgood-Schlatter's Diease is a premature ossification of the tibial tuberosity, causing the patellar tendon to pull away from the periosteum of the tibia. This inevitably results in fragments of bone floating around causing severe pain.

Can be really nasty. I had it. I had a buddy who had it and his was so bad that he had full-length casts put on his legs for 6 months. Hasn't been the same since. That was 50 years ago. But times change. See your doc. It's common, and totally treatable. Meantime, ICE! OTC anti-inflammatories! ICE!

Did I say ICE?