Yessis Active Cords ANyone use them? Dr. Squat? Todd Wilson?


I'm trying to find some more information on the Yessis Active Cords. Who has used them and did you get good results? The first time I read about these were in an article here:

video here:

I know I should just buy them but $120 is a lot of money to drop on a product that might not be beneficial. I don't plan on this being the whole base of training. My athletes already squat, hang clean and do plyometrics. These caught my attention when I read that article. I thought maybe it was something extra to improve the strength of abductors, adductors, improve first step and improve vertical jump. Part of me says, "yes" buy these cause Yessis is the man. I then watch the youtube videos and I think to myself, "These kids just need to hit the weights not do band work."

Todd: I read this board often and I notice you seem to be update on training and might have some info on them.

I can't remember if I asked this question on this board before. Forgive me if I already did. I tried using the search function but could not find the topic. I am not selling these at all. I'm just asking for feedback.

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Well, he didn't invent any

Well, he didn't invent any of these.... They've been around for nearly 20 years since I first botherd with fooling with them..... At least!I

Are they worthless??? Probably not. Are they worth $120??? Probably not. I mean, let's assume there is benefit from some of them... Is it as beneficial in getting an athlete to squat twice their body weight? If you have an athlete that is brutally strong and blindingly fast, perhaps it can help, but sooooo many athletes need more strength and muscle mass.... Assuming they can aid in building speed and power, there's nothing to convert with out strength and mass. However..... Even in an elite athlete.... Whatever time is spent in the off-season on the various exercises with them, I'm not convinced that they will improve anything as well as bumping one's powersnatch up 50-60 lbs. that's when an athlete shows up for practice and the coach says, "He worked his tail off this summer!" that's not going to happen with those bands because the resistance and speed curves that they provide are not adequate.

Most people are vitamin D deficient, vitamin D has a unique affect upon fast twitch muscle fibers. $120 will buy vitamin D for an athlete for nearly a year. Frankly, supplementing with it has greater benefit in my opinion.

Also worth noting, elite sprinters gave up these techniques long ago as it slowed them down... Due to the inadequate resistance curves I mentioned...

Todd, Thank you so much for


Thank you so much for answering my question. The athletes I coach work their tail off in the weight room and and through the summer. I wanted to try these but I was hesitant because of the price and I have never seen anyone elite college programs or coaches use them.

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If you want something to do

If you want something to do outside the weight room in order to help your athletes, get a sled.... Preferably a Prowler, and if possible some farmer's walk implements....

Other strongman implements like tires, yokes, sand bags, logs, etc. are all excellent, but the prowler and farmers walk implements are the best bang for the buck in my opinion.

When I coached high school level, I used a sled extensively to increase training volume, work capacity and strength outside the weight room because my kids had never been exposed to weight training before and every training session we had to work on teaching the movements as much as lifting the weight and with a dozen kids and only 45 minutes.... That's hard. I mean, we werent't teaching the jerk! DB presses, squats, deads, pull ups, dips, etc... But with the sled you can hammer their upper or lower body with relatively little soreness so they don't come in the next day hurting, whining, etc...