Todd, 190 blood sugar level today after normal meal

I want to cut out as much carbs as I can. When I eat vegetables and beans should I just go to the ones that have a low glycemic index to keep blood sugar more stable? I think I will eat more lean meats to get my protein and avoid higher carb foods such as legumes.

Some legumes such as black

Some legumes such as black beans and lentils have a very lot of fiber in them. Net carbs is the only carbs that you can get energy from since you can't digest fiber. Net carbs = total carbs - dietary fiber. So if a certain food has a lot of fiber in it the net carbs won't be very much. Foods with lots of fiber in them are usually high in water and take up a lot of volume so they leave you feeling full and satisfied.

Fiber also affects how much a food will affect your blood sugar levels. Thats one of the reasons why you can get away with eating foods with a high glycemic index so long as it is also high in fiber. Potatoes are the best example. Everyone thinks potatoes make you fat because they have a high glycemic index. But they don't because they are high in fiber, are relatively low in calories, and they make you feel satisfied so you don't want to eat anymore. Have a potato or two with one of your meals, but don't have a whole plate full. I've included potatoes in my diet while cutting and still had great success.

Too much of any kind of food will make you fat. And when considering blood sugar levels, the amount of food is what makes all the difference. You can have a high GI food, but it won't cause an insulin spike unless you eat enough of it. Low GI foods can still cause insulin spikes if you eat enough of it.

Doug, I've read your posts and I think its good that you are making an effort to learn how to eat right. But you've got to learn your stuff! I thought Todd's six pack article was a good place for me to start and learn how to get rid of all the junk food. It definitely made a difference. But after reading some other literature and getting some more experience I've learned ways that simply work better for me. I found that some of the foods on his no-no list were actually foods that I needed to get leaner because I needed the energy from more carbs. Additionally I did better with less fat in my diet.

I've also learned a lot from reading materials from Clarence Bass. But just the same as with Todd's ideas, some of the ideas in Clarence's books I didn't agree with either. So I had to try things out for myself and see what worked for me and what didn't.

But you have to start somewhere. And I think the best place to start is knowing how to eliminate most junk from your diet. Thats why I like Todd's diet the best for beginners. Its real easy to learn, real basic and simple. And I guess even though I said potatoes are fine, I'd still recommend for a beginner to stick to his diet exactly as outlined.

190 is crazy high. It'd be

190 is crazy high. It'd be really good to see a doctor if you haven't already.

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190 is high, but after a

190 is high, but after a meal and a high blood sugar reading can be due to a variety of factors, fasting blood glucose taken in the morning is the best indicator....

Saying that, it is likely that you have high sugar and are therefore insulin resistant. That being the case, the best way to get your glucose under control is to eat meats, fish oil, and leafy vegetables. Spinach, cabbage, field greens and lettuce.

No calories from liquids except your post workout shake which in this case should be whey and possibly glutamine.

Seeing a doc wouldn't be a bad idea, especially if your fasting blood glucose is high. But, unless he is adamant that you are border line for having a diabetic coma, attempt to treat it with a restricted carb diet before getting on insulin. Insulin is necessary in some cases, but virtually no one decreases the amount of insulin they use over time.

I am going to eat much more

I am going to eat much more fiber and refrain from carbs as much as possible. My morning Blood sugar was 160 but after I walked (3mph) for 1 hour it was 75. Then after three tacos and 1 cob of corn it went to 195. I take metformin at night so hopefully that will control by morning levels. I am paying close attention to my diet, nothing worse then thinknig of insulin shots if I do not control my weight and diet. I just bought some south beach fiber bars (taste excellent) and am getting some protein powder with splenda. Thanks for the advice on foods and fiber. It helped alot.

What exactly is your

What exactly is your definition of fiber? What kind of foods are your fiber?

3 tacos and 1 corn on the cob is a nightmare for a pre-diabetic.

The meat from the tacos with some olive oil on some steamed veggies a much smarter choice. No tortillas.

Yeah, I was reading the taco

Yeah, I was reading the taco shell box realizing it is non fiber carbs earlier. I went to a website to see diabetic tolerable foods and will just go from there. I thought after reading earlier posts mixing fiber with some high carb foods would help but I assume it has to be a natural fiber food with carbs. Mixing I assume dont help. I got some fiber bars and feel better. Also taking alpha lipoic acid 100 mg (though some webistes recomend 400 mg)

Keep it Simple, buddy - try

Keep it Simple, buddy - try Todd's advice. Protein and veggies for two weeks see how you feel. Don't complicate things so much. It's actually quite basic in theory.

I would be real iffy about

I would be real iffy about eating any sort of candy bars that are meant for dieting. I have 2 reasons.

The first reason is that you want to keep your diet as simple as possible so that you know what you are eating. With Todd's diet plan for example, it typically eliminates most of the junk food. But you also have to be smart and realize that its no good to eat any sort of foods with sugar added to it or the fiber taken out. Thats why drinks such as gatoraid are no good, because they have sugar added to them. Thats also why most bread sold on the shelves of super markets in the USA is no good, because they take the fiber out of it and add sugar to it. A good rule of thumb is to eat foods as they come naturally and if you don't know what it is then don't eat it. Processed foods is where you get yourself into trouble, because you don't know what you're eating. Although I am a big fan of protein shakes, that is also another example of processed foods, because many people often have trouble digesting it without having problems such as gas or diarrhea.

The second problem with the candy bars is that while they are supposed to be nutritious, they aren't. Have you ever seen where it says on a package of candy or cookies that there is zero fat in them? Then fat people think they can eat a whole package or a whole box because "fat makes you fat" and there isn't any fat in it. But the reality is that in such foods there is often a lot of sugar in it, which will make you fat. Its the same thing with your protein bars. They sell them at stores such as GNC in them as if they are healthy, when really they have lots of sugar and fat in them and you don't really know how it will affect you. I'm a big fan of protein shakes between meals if you prefer to skip preparation for 2 out of your 5 meals out of the day for example. It works pretty good. Its real convenient to do it that way. But I would typically only recommend a protein bar once in a while if and only if you didn't have access to a protein shake, or if you were someone who could get away with it according to how your body handles it. But in your case I might say don't do it at all. Protein shakes are fine; I like to add in 1 serving of oatmeal to them once in a while, but I'm not sure how you would handle the oatmeal.

As for fiber, I don't see anything wrong with supplementing with fiber, but I don't recommend that to be your way of getting it. It foods high in fiber if you can. It will help especially if you eat a lot of meat. It will help you pass all your food through without constipation. One thing I've been messing with lately is a protein shake with fiber added right before bed; thats my last meal. I found it really helps a lot with keeping me from going hungry.

Yeah, I take finer bars and

Yeah, I take finer bars and eat lean meat now. Chicken, lean ground beef (tacos) low sugar low fat yogurt and skim milk. When I exercise my blood sugar never gets above 120. I have lost 12 pounds in two weeks and am feeling more motivated and fit. Thanks for the advice, I am keeping my diet simple now. No reason for complications for simple things which means I'm making things hard again.

Doug, I'll tell you a good

I'll tell you a good supplement I like. Hemp protein. I wouldn't recommend taking it during the day because it has way too much fiber, so one serving per day is good enough. Also, as a protein source it has a really poor amino acid profile so I definitely wouldn't recommend using it as a main protein source. But as a last meal of the day right before bed, it can't hurt. You get a little bit of extra protein and a lot of extra fiber right before you go to bed. If fills you up nicely. Another bad thing about it is it tastes horrible. I noticed if you let it soak after mixing for a little while (maybe 10 minutes or so) it makes the bad taste go away. Anyways, its ok for me because I'm allergic to whey and I like the extra fiber. I usually like pea protein during the day.

If you have no digestive problems with whey or a certain brand or kind of it, another good option would be to mix whey with some sort of psyllium husk supplement, if you don't mind making the mix. At least with that you can have a protein with a more complete amino acid profile and hopefully better tasting too.

Just an idea man. I sort of got the idea of a fiber supplement before bed from Clarence Bass. I like to add the extra protein to the meal. And if you think about it, if you already eat 5-6 meals per day, this will be your 6-7th meal of the day easily made and low in calories. It won't make you fat. But it will help fill you up and keep you feeling satisfied.

Ok, thanks. I will check

Ok, thanks. I will check out the hemp fiber.