Reps at 80% Max

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Have any of you guys tried testing how many reps you can do at 80% of your max, like Doc suggests in the "Finding the ideal training split article"? I'm just curious to see if you had any interesting results, like a big difference between different muscles. I could definitely see some people having the same results throughout but I'm sure some people are anomalies, which makes them very well suited for certain sports.

I've tested my upper back, lats, shoulders, biceps and triceps and I got the same result with all of them. I'm going to test the chest, abs, and lower body soon. Any thoughts from you guys?

Hey Clyde, I read that

Hey Clyde,

I read that article when I first started perusing this site, and I was hitting 80% for 5 sets of 10 pretty easily...As I learned how to better pursue my goals, (increasing the 1rm in the three powerlifts) this slowly changed overtime. De-emphasizing the 10 rep sets in my training and focusing on doubles and triples led to an increased 1rm, and decreased rep ability at 80%,and a much bigger spread between the two, just like teh protocol says it should.

for example, on the bench press:
Then: 1rm= 275lbs and i routinely did 225x10 for 5 sets
Now: 1rm=350lbs and I could hit 280 for about 6 repsm maybe a couple more if I amped up the motivation.

I could not now do 5 sets of 10 at 225, but have progressed my goal of improving my 1rm significantly.

The squat and DL numbers are less dramatic, but follow the same general trend.

I lost muscular endurance and gained limit strength, and assumedly changed the mix of fibers by converting some of the slow twitch to fast twitch...

This is over a 7 year period from my late 30s into my early 40s.

Not sure thats at all interesting, as it is probably to be expected.

As for fast gainer/hard gainer...It is much easier now for me to add muscle and gain weight than it was when I could crank out endless sets of 10 at 80%.

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that's really cool. you

that's really cool. you actually changed your muscle fiber composition because you know what you are doing. think of all the athletes in sports like boxing who have done the opposite, like doing endless roadwork and changing their fibers for the worse.