potential for flexibility gains in ex-lifters

I have since moved on from PL and am learning MMA, including jiujitsu, boxing, various forms of kicking, and good old wrastlin'. I am stiff and inflexible, both from maintaining only the requisite flexibility for PL and also from being stuck behind a desk for the last three years (which ends tomorrow! woot!).

Has anyone made this change, and, if so, how did your flexibility training come along? Right now, kicking at waist level is literally painful because of adductor and hamstring inflexibility. And I lack the ability to stretch "into my hips," the way they had us do in tae kwon do when I was a teenager; I'm all hunched over with any effort in stretching the posterior chain.

Thanks for your feedback.

9th, I have ridden the desk

9th, I have ridden the desk job for decades, and a long car commute as well, and with PL style squats I have to work really hard on my hips just to maintain enough flexibility to reach proper squat depth.

So while not anywhere close to flexible enough, I have found the "Galahad" stretches to be essential on a daily basis just to maintain good posture and enough flexibility to get a good BP set up and hit depth on squats.

To gain enough flexibility for martial arts, i suspect you have a long road ahead.

Ever try yoga? I have considered taking a class to see if i could improve flexibility.

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I don't think I'd choose yoga for improving flexibility for MMA. Try to find a gymnastics class, or failing that a ballet class. These tend to use a 'stretching through motion' approach ( note that I did NOT say ballistic ) as opposed to the 'stretch and hold' approach of yoga and I find them to be far superior. I too work behind a desk all day and have a long drive but have been able to maintain very good flexibility over the years by following this approach. Good Luck!

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Are you familiar with

Are you familiar with Defranco's Agile 8 ?

This guy has some interesting ideas on mobility too.

Thanks, all, for your

Thanks, all, for your feedback.