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Just a year ago I upped my raw squat by 8% in 3 months using a 90% weight for a set of 3 the first week, 2 sets of 3 the second week and set of 5 the third week and then increased the weight by 3% and repeated the routine weekly until the weight reached a point I was only able to do sets of 3 reps. I then took a light week and tried a new max the following week - +8%! I decided to change the routine and do a Westside box squat workout the next 3 months. The Westside program calls for a max day on various height boxes on Monday and using bands to accomodate resistance, a dynamic, low rep, 6-10 set for explosive strength, on Friday. I did increase all of my raw box squat maxes but, because they never do any full squats, I didn't feel ready to test my raw full squat right after the box squat routine. Instead, I thought I'd do a short (4 week) full squat program similar to the previous one and then try for a new max. Unfortunately, after the scond workout, both knees started to hurt and I was forced to cut my weights down to 40%-50% and start a 3 month recovery routine and do more stretching for my quads (hip flexors. It seems to have worked as I was able to do a good full squat with just 10# less than my increase 6 months earlier. Some master lifters never go heavy in their workouts, staying around 75% RM for reps, some do only sets of 2 with weights over 90% and some say that box squat routines work for them and spares their knees. As I've gotten older, I've found that squating twice a week, even if one day is heavy and one day for speed, is pretty demanding, as I also do benches and deadlift/back work once a week and, if I'm doing a challenging routine, I need at least a week for recovery. Any thoughts from other master lifters on their routines?

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My workout routine is really disciplined.I workout for atleast two hours in a day but off late i have started to feel that all of my exercises need some nice blend and after reading this article i have come to know a lot of new things.Thanks for this sentilating article.
Workout Routines

What you should be doing

What you should be doing depends on what your goals are. Are you competing with gear or raw?

For gear you use a lot of weight and especially if you are stronger you need more time to recover. I'm only 31 years old and I can only recover from a heavy squat/deadlift workout and a heavy bench workout once per week.

The westside programs are meant for squatting with gear. With metal militia training we do the same thing. Box squats are used because it allows you to focus on the top of the lift. The top is the most important part when you are lifting with gear.

But if you are competing raw you probably don't need the box or the bands unless you are trying to overload yourself and get used to heavier weight. It will help, but it will also burn you out. Think about it this way. What do you think is more taxing? A 600 lb high box squat or a 400 lb raw squat? Doing high box squats with 600 lbs wore me into the dirt and lead to overtraining. If I were competing raw there is no way that can help me, especially when the most important part of the lift to focus on with raw is the bottom of the lift.

CharlieM I train and compete

I train and compete raw. I recently started a new routine that gave me a 6-8% gain on all three powerlifting lifts. Here's my new routine based somewhat on Jim Wendler's 5,3,1 program but using Prilipen's weight, rep and set scheme. Please post any comments or your results, if you try the program. I'm starting my second cycle next week. All the weights are based on your current 1RM, done with good form. Squats on Monday, Benches on Wednesday and Deadlifts on Friday. On the last set, try to do the max number of reps you can. I also follow up each day's routine with 1-3 sets of negatives or partials with my new goal weight (5%+ above the current 1RM). wk1 - 80% for 3 sets of 5 reps; wk2 - 85% for 3 sets of 4 reps; wk3 - deload at 5 reps at 40%, 5 reps at 50%, 5 reps at 70%; wk4 - 95-97% for 3 sets of 2 reps; wk5 - 90% for 3 sets of 3 reps; wk6 deload - same as wk3; wk7 warmup & work up to a new 1RM (5%+ over current 1RM). This routine has given me plenty of recovery time and based on doing the reps and sets as posted, gives a lot of confidence that you will make a new 1RM in all 3 lifts.

I'm too lazy to take too

I'm too lazy to take too much of a look at your workout. But your last sentence sums it up and should be exactly what you are looking for. That is recovery and results/progress are the most important things.

Looks like you are doing good!

Workout Routine

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Workout Routine

Workout Routine

My workout number is truly disciplined.I workout for atleast two hours in a day but off latish i love started to undergo that all of my exercises beggary many prissy concord and after representation this article i get move to cognize a lot of new things.Thanks for this sentilating article.
Workout Routine