"Lunk Alarm".....I must rant....

Has anybody else heard of this? I have heard of some pretty silly stuff done to combat noise, grunting, etc. Even the alarm thing. But this apparently is an actual policy adopted by Planet Fitness?

This is hands down the douchiest thing I have ever heard of a commercial gym--or any business, for that matter--doing that doesn't involve something like race discrimination. And I've lightened up a lot about stick-up-the-arse commercial gyms lately because I know there is a time and a place for everything in terms of what type of training you do and where you do it. But a noise alarm?

If an effing ALARM went off due to my deadlifting or what-have-you and some 19-year-old punk-asss 24 Hour Fitness-certified trainer wanna-be sauntered out and threatened to revoked my membership, I would be so incensed that no fair court in America could hold me accountable for my ensuing actions.

What a bunch of cocks.

Thank you. I'm done.

Unbelievable! Was it an

Unbelievable! Was it an actual audible alarm or a light that flashed? I'm soooo glad I have my garage gym. Last week I couldn't lift in the garage since it was -10 degrees - but I'll take those conditions over some zit-faced punk telling me to train quitely! You should threaten to revoke your monthly dues and go somewhere else.

I just cancelled my membership at L_ F^tn*ss this week because

it was too 'pretty' for my taste and they had rude little pencil neck punks running the facility. I went back to the old Bally's that I spent many years, and got re-aquainted with some of my old buddies that I used to work out with. People actually talk to each other at Bally's and the weights make that clanking sound unlike the plastic covered weights at L_ F^tn*ss. I missed that sound.......Atmosphere goes a long way!

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Similar posts come up on this board pretty regularly: members complaining that the gym they're at actually has rules.

I agree an alarm is a bit goofy...but have no problem with a noise policy.

Businesses are in business to make money. If they do market research and find that 90% of their potential clients are annoyed by loud grunting then, as a private business, I see no problem with them making a noise rule, even if it's enforced with an alarm. 90 will be pleased, 10 will leave. This is America, if you don't like it simply choose a different gym...or start your own.

Being mad enough to beat up a 19 year old worker who is simply enforcing a business policy seems a bit extreme to me. In jail, Big Bubba in the next cell might make you grunt plenty!!!

Go somewhere else or lift in your basement or garage...and make all the noise you want!

Naw. That's bullship,

Naw. That's bullship, singling out somebody because they make a little noise and then having some ridiculous thing like an alarm and a siren go off to publicly shame or something? I don't think so. The funniest part is that the place has a "judgement free" motto. Raaaahiiight...

I bet you next week's rent that if you had someone go in there and very quietly and politely do 5x5 in squats with 495 (I've seen it done!), they'd be just as likely set off the almighty alarm. The only thing that policy is protecting the patrons from is getting in shape. That's the real kicker. Them and their freakin' free pizza night.

Also, it doesn't look like people are reading my post. I don't train at this gym. I just recently heard about it. A siren for grunting is a red flag that this particular place is not for me.

And I would not beat up a 19-year-old, or anyone for that matter. Just using hyperbole to make a point. I expected that was obvious.

Ok. I'm done.

YES!! The thing about the

YES!! The thing about the lunk alarm is true. There used to be a really nice gym in Michigan where I go to see my husband's family every year, but a few years ago I showed up there and the nice place had turned into another metastasis of Planet Fitness, complete with the lunk alarm over the squat rack. The owner, a retired professional bodybuilder who had helped me learn how to deadlift better some years before had sold all his previous convictions to this foo-foo business, and told me that I was no longer wanted at Planet Fitness because I'm to hardcore for the other members. For the record: All I wanted to do was some front/ back squats and overhead work while I was on vacation. Apparently that was too much already. I worked out one week there because I had no other options, but never went back after that. It just felt too uncomfortable and ridiculous to train under the huge alarm bell.



Let me get this straight Mary.

Your husband's family used to live in a really nice gym?

CharlieM I worked at

I worked at several 24 H_ __ centers as a personal trainer for many years in California and Hawaii. Almost every facility had groups of power lifters and body builders training there, several tops in their sport, who were really an inspiration to many other people training there, those who really didn't know what challenging your muscles to stimulate growth and strength means. Most of the gyms had a separate area or for these hard core lifters, which had only a squat rack, maybe a leg press and either a platform or extra hard rubber pads for a deadlif area. For some reason, people seldom grunt when benching even heavy weights. It only took up one corner and was far enough away from the masses of gym members doing machine and light workouts that they were never offended by the occasional grunting and clanging of the weights and, as I said before, often provided some inspiration for newbie types who, after 2 sets, were ready to call it quits for the day. Talk to the gym owners or manager about rearranging the work out area to accomodate everyone or, as suggested previously, find a better gym, where they know that having the best lifters and body builders training there will improve their membership.

Huh? My husband's family has

Huh? My husband's family has got nothing to do with Planet Fitness or any other gym. It simply used to be our first choice due to its relative proximity to my in-law's house, which is where we stay when we visit them. We don't live in Michigan- we just visit every once in awhile.

Another way to approach it

Another way to approach it is tell the gym manager that you have a disability that causes you to grunt or occasionally make loud noises when straining. Then ask if they are discriminating against someone with a disability? :^)

Sounds like we got one of

Sounds like we got one of those wusses that likes to do curls in the squat rack. MattB.

you are all taking this the

you are all taking this the wrong way, honestly. Dress up like an incredibly effeminate man and then do the opposite of what we do (what the gym doesnt like), like curling a very small dumbell in an extremely erotic pose that threatens everyones sexuality.

maybe its just me :/

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(nvm quall, hes our resident anti-troll)

Terrible Idea

What a horrible idea! I can't believe they would do such a thing!

Now, you make that a "curling in the squat rack" alarm and I've just found my new gym.

A 'Lunk Alarm'...now thats

A 'Lunk Alarm'...now thats high tech! I've always just been told to shut-up your scareing the girls on the treadmill. I suspect the girls hadn't been scared or offended, it was just a dweeb seeking a chance to puff his chest out.

Although I must concede that I tend to laugh at the nongs who grunt under any circumstance. My personal favorite was a guy who bleated like a sheep on every rep. I swear to God, every rep he'd go 'Baaa'.

LOL! You should have asked

LOL! You should have asked him to shave his back and make some yarn to knit you a sweater or something.

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So Tony, how about actually

So Tony, how about actually giving your input on the actual post? You're free to disagree with me...instead of throwing insults.

Sorry, Tony, you have a free market capitalist who likes to squat in a squat rack but understands running a BUSINESS. A private business can cater to whomever they like. If you don't like THEIR rules...go somewhere else. Apparently that point went over your head in my original post. And please don't call someone who you don't even know and who has been on this forum almost since the beginning a "wuss". Thanks!

You, sir, just showed us why

You, sir, just showed us why lunk heads are not liked by many. Who wants someone roid raging just because an employee tells them to be quiet? You validate their attitude by showing what type of people they get rid of with these policies... you.

Planet Fitness probably

Planet Fitness probably thinks there's a difference between a fitness club and a gym. I agree if the contract states there is not to be audible grunts, groans, yells durring heavy lifts. Being called a lunk can be insulting to some people and an alarm that makes 2x the noise of an ocasional grunt and draws negative attention to the hard core lifter does not make sense. What suprises me "lunks" lift 4-5 x the weight of cardio/aerobic people doing more work much harder but get stigmatized as a "lunk" or something that does not move. I'd like to say politely to the lady in the comedy video that years ago it was these strong guys that did the labor work nobody else could do. Castles, bridges, and before forklifts they were depended on for lifting heavy items that get delivered to your home. I wonder sometimes if excessive cardio hyper sensitises a person in a gym/club and perhaps some heavy weight training would bring tolerance to others that should be welcome, too.

Snap Fitness

I work at a Snap Fitness, we do deadlifts, front squats, back squats, and all kinds of stuff. We encourage hard work and our members are allowed to achieve long lasting results. Now if someone spent an hour grunting and moaning and yelling, we'd ask him if he'd tone it down a bit, but tell him to keep up the great work! Our free weight area isn't great, as we are a 24 hour facility we don't have a real squat rack but a smith machine, due to liability concerns. All in all, there is hope for the 24-hour places, just got to have the right ownership and real personal trainers.

That's the correct gym

That's the correct gym attitude, I'd workout there. As I wrote earlier Gold's gym put all the heavy duty lifters in the basement. I agree with hours of yelling and grunting saying something and I don't agree with the old hardcore lifters bringing the vomit bucket on leg days *laugh* but I guess if someone is sensitive they can go to Planet fitness and if someone wants to get fit and muscular there are real gyms out there. I still think that alarm would raise most fitness women's hair then grunts.