Lock knees at top of squat?

Like the topic says, am I supposed to lock my legs out at the top of the squat? I assumed no, but I've been looking everywhere on the internet and can't find a description of the exercise that talks about this.

I suppose it depends on what

I suppose it depends on what you are doing the exercise for.

For powerlifting you have to because those are the rules of the sport. The lift is no good without it. Also when training for strength or speed for other sports you should lockout your knees at the top because thats the only way you'll be able to produce the maximum force all the way until the end of the movement.

For bodybuilding there might be cases or times when you want to reverse direction just before you reach lockout. This will ensure constant tension throughout the entire set and can be good for building muscle. I'm not even sure this would ever be necessary though because I notices when I did high rep sets while locking out at the top my muscles still grew quick.

So I'm going to say in most cases yes.

ok, thank you. One other

ok, thank you. One other question I had... well I'll post it as a different thread... thanks again