Knee pain/weakness when squatting?

Outside of the knee, one always goes before the other, so I don't think it's damage...

but it's the outside of the knee, with clicking and crepitus.

After squatting for a bit I get sharp pain and weakness. I haven't squatted because of it.

Any rehab ideas?

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How much unilateral work

How much unilateral work have you done?


What should I do if I rotate my knee (r) to the right somewhat when I squat? Usually on the down movement this happens and the movement feels natural. No pain or injury has happened and I use 6 foot tight wraps. Light weights 140# warmups. Thanks, your input is excellent usually.


Don't wrap on light reps.

Check through the old threads on this - Doc's said a lot about wrapping. Don't do it if you don't have to.


ok, I'll check. Thanks Nick

ok, I'll check. I had two medial maniscus trimmed 30-60% (both knees) and above the knee tendonitus and the wraps seem to help with the pain when I squat.

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It could be due to

It could be due to unilateral imbalance. For example, one VMO or even hamstring stronger than the other.

In addition, if could be a hip issue. One hip may have more or less mobility ithat specific plane of motion.

Rarely will something like that manifest itself in a squat but isn't noticeable to some degree in a split squat or step up variation. You may have to get someone to video you.

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This type of pain mainly

This type of pain mainly occurs to the athlete who often gets involved in theses squatting activities. I went to few doctors but the said that its nominal pain. But while reading few I came across a book on patellar tendonitis and according to that I can be cured by RIEC method. There are many treatments on these kind of injuries as well on that book.

I'm curious about what your

I'm curious about what your squat technique looks like. Could you post a video for us? More than one angle would help, too.