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I was wondering about ISSA's trainer program. I've done research with the Internet for years (it all started with the mags and my want to be healthy and althletic). As just one example I ask if trainers are tought about ectomorphs having less fast twitch type II fibers and more type I slow twitch fibers which which makes volume training more of an option for a trainee wanting to be a bodybuilder. I assume with perdiodization it balnaces both type I and II but I haven't taken the course and wont untill Sept. I know the bodycraft software makes alot of decisions and is convenient but I am the type of person that doesn't believe in handing someone a calculator before learning basic math skills.

I tried a sample of the bodycraft software and like it but perhaps and I think it helps prevent human error but I want to be thourougly taught before depending on modern technology.


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I can tell you that the

I can tell you that the whole question of somatotype is discussed in the ISSA course(s). But in-depth questions such as yours may have to be handled via direct contact with your professor or the free Help line, 800-892-4772.

Thanks, I will call.

Thanks, Dr Squat. I see ISSA training programs work with the US Dept. of Education and there is a continuously growing demand for trainers. Once I get Voc. Rehab. support while my brain heals (in Sept.) I will sign up for the master elite training program. Every site I go to that is sports/training oriented I see banners for ISSA. I see ISSA is huge and probably for a reason (quality and support). As modern life gets lighter, simpler, and easier there will be growing demand for qualified ISSA trainers to keep people fit and healthy. As my vet. friend once said, with power steering and brakes in cars, self propelled lawnmowers, more people in apartments and condos not mowing lawns, (life getting easier and more convenient) people must get the right training and structure to stay fit as we become an obese country of terrible compulsive eating habbits. I know what it is like to be 130 pounds overweight with weight related diabetes and depression. Many rely on expensive potentially dangerous meds to feel better when diet/nutrition and exercise is often the answer to live longer, stay younger, look better, and feel better! I still think the Anaerobic Power by ProPwer you sell saved me from Ativan addiction and got my fat glutes back to the weightroom with periodization that stopped overtraining. In a few months I will help others live better, longer, and enjoy a much greater quality of life.

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you will not be disappointed with issa, very professional and thorough, great help line which will answer any of your questions and they are the only accredited personal trainer program out there

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It makes sense

Yeah, I figured ISSA is the best. Where else can one learn periodization and herbal use for sports/training from one of (if not the 1st) American that went to the Moscow school of sports smack dab in the middle of the USSR. I hope ISSA grows and me with it as a master trainer. One thing that I beleive is the custumer comes first and gets the best with good value. With ISSA training I believe the quality is there with a quality knowledge base, the products are professional, and the support seems to be there so I am signing up in Sept. Happy 4th of July Todd, Squat, Tanis, Read, and everyone.