I'm a simple man

I'm a simple man. How would a routine like this work for someone who has a 270 bench but wants to a three hundred bench in 12 weeks:

Week Weight, Sets & Reps
Week 1 190x2x10
Week 2 190x2x10
Week 3 200x2x8
Week 4 210x2x8
Week 5 220x2x5
Week 6 230x2x5
Week 7 240x2x5
Week 8 250x2x3
Week 9 260x2x3
Week 10 270x2x2
Week 11 190x2x10
Week 12 300x1


Week 1 190x2x10 3800 Week

Week 1 190x2x10 3800
Week 2 190x2x10 3800
Week 3 200x2x8 3200
Week 4 210x2x8 3360
Week 5 220x2x5 2200
Week 6 230x2x5 2300
Week 7 240x2x5 2400
Week 8 250x2x3 1500
Week 9 260x2x3 1560
Week 10 270x2x2 1080
Week 11 190x2x10 3800
Week 12 300x1

Looks fine to me, if that's all you are doing and you're training for a single. Week 11 might be a mistake, though. It's a sudden doubling of the volume of the last three weeks, which isn't the best way to taper. If the point of week 11 is to reduce intensity before a max attempt, another approach for a taper week is to have an extra training day and split your doubles up into two days. So work up to a set of 2 with 270 on say Monday and then again on Thursday. Then take a few days off and then max. If the second double on Thursday feels stronger than the first on Monday, then you can rest assured you're on your way to a PR. If it doesn't, stop after the first rep and go home and sleep and listen to classical music until max day and you should be fine.

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Why only 2 sets? And why the

Why only 2 sets? And why the linear periodization as opposed to undulating?

He already said, because

He already said, because he's a simple man.

I like a simple plan too,

I like a simple plan too, and linear progression is effective enough for the short term goal. But I know for me, I would need more volume, like taking the 2 sets to 5 sets.
I would also like to ramp up the weights a little steeper, so that on week 10 you are hitting something like 285 for 5 sets of 2.

I don't think 2 doubles at 270 will prepare you for a 30lb jump. 5 doubles at 285 will.

I would do this:

Week 1 190x5x10
Week 2 205x5x8
Week 3 215x5x8
Week 4 225x5x6
Week 5 235x5x5
Week 6 240x5x5
Week 7 250x5x5
Week 8 265x5x4
Week 9 275x5x3
Week 10 285x5x2
Week 11 275x5x1
Week 12 300x1

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Where's the difficult part?

Where's the difficult part?