Great lecture

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I think this lecture needs to be presented to all personal fitness trainers...

...what do y'all think?

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Not only personal trainers

Not only personal trainers but the medical community as well. I see a lot of fat doctors.


Answered alot of questions about time perdiods of human development. I still have whey and legumes but avoid: milk, yogurt, sugar, alcohal, and grains. There are a few good books aobut the Paleo diet and athleticism. One author I have is Cordain

Interesting presentation.

Interesting presentation. Guy seems like he is really an anthropologist, not nutritionist. That is probably largely why I don't agree with everything he says (for example, I disagree with his opinion of milk). But the whole "eating close to the vine" thing, so to speak, is good advice ane he has helped to popularize it, along with others.

I think the book Natural Hormonal Enhancement by Faigan (sp? - don't want to go look on my bookshelf) is more along the lines of what I think based on my education and experiences. A very hard to find book, though, for anyone looking to purchase it.