classic powerlifting

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i'm sure most have seen it but someone just posted this on powerlifting watch. loved watching doc take on the younger guy and of course Kaz crushing his squats. good for a lazy sunday.

I watched that on youtube

I watched that on youtube not long ago. Great contest. The Doc vs The 'Lad was really good. Someone on here mentioned the video's poster not long ago. He's mostly put a bunch of the WSM videos on youtube.

I am sexually attracted to

I am sexually attracted to Inaba's deadlift form.

Thanks for posting!

Thanks for posting!
The first (and only) time i`d ever seen Hideaki Inaba compete live was in the 1984 (or 1983) Philippine National Open Powerlifting championships, where i competed in my first ever powerlifting competition (if it was 1983). I just watched in amazement! I recall him shouting some sound before a lift, sounded like "sue". Me and a few of my college teammates in fact had no suits or powerlifting belts (just weightlifting belts), though a few of us used ACE bandages for knee wraps.