Absinth for muscle joint pain?

I know squat's books reveal ergo training herbal aids and wonder if Absinth would be a beneficial nightly drink for the moderate user?

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Doesn't have to be

Doesn't have to be Ansinthe... Jack Daniels, Gin, Vodka, & Rum will kill pain as well.

Herbs and spices in

Herbs and spices in ABsinthe. It's medicinal, but some other liquors have more herbs. I thought the benefits of moderate alcohal use Absinthe would be a benefit.

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And those herbs and spices

And those herbs and spices aren't found anywhere else on earth other than in Absinthe?

swynergy of preserved herbs

synergy of preserved herbs along with the alcohal. If one drinks wine for reveratrol, why not drink absinth for the herbs. Plus the benefits of the alcohal relaxing the mind/body lowering stress levels and blood pressure.

But yeah, lol, vodka, rum, whiskey, tequilia also is beneficial to some extent. I felt no pain many weekends at bars when younger ahha weather I fell up the stairs or down.

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Sounds like a good excuse to get drunk. Clear liquors like gin and vodka are good because they have less cogeners. Less chance of getting a hangover. Taking a multivitiman and magnesium before and after helps.

Moderately is no excuse lol

Moderately is no excuse lol but as a student and while younger I drank my share of Long Island Ice teas. Medicinal, if responsibly used. I tried drinking 2 glasses of wine but couldn't tolerate the taste so I thought about 2 small shots of absinth since it is herbal. As for wine I now try to get Reveratrol and perhaps I can get an herbal coloidal drink rather then suffer the taste of alcohal.

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Well, for numbing pain, I

Well, for numbing pain, I don't think 2 drinks will do it anyway. For health purposes, 1 or 2 drinks a day with dinner is suppose to be good but I don't think you are suppose to feel any different. I know I don't.

Absinthe sold in the US is like everclear with herbs. The magic ingredient, wormwood is lacking compared to the real stuff sold in Czech Republic. Two shots might actually be like four with other liquor due to its high alcolol content.

yeah, rather then $75 a

yeah, rather then $75 a bottle I will use high grade resveratrol. I don't need an alocahal to rely on if I start to drink too much. Probably never will drink too much regularely but owi rish and the taste of alcohal is not worth the price,.

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Alcohol doesn't decrease

Alcohol doesn't decrease stress... That's called a buzz. Alcohol consumption increases cortisol. Red wine with dinner or before bed can offer benefits with minimal negative side effects... Absinthe, moonshine, marijuana or what ever else for "medicinal purposes" or as Granny on the Beverly Hillbillies used to say, "For her Rheumatiz..." is bullshit.

I frankly don't know about any herbs in absinthe, but very few things are able to maintain any nutritional organic properties in an alcohol environment higher than around 40 proof.

I mean, if you want to drink, fine, but don't bullshit yourself... Just go have a drink and then utilize diet and supplementation to minimize negative effects.

For example: High protein the day of and after, eat a few extra pieces of meat. The protein helps detoxify the liver. Vitamins C before and after. Vitamin C helps neutralize alcohol affects, minimize cortisol, and detoxify the blood. Hydration. Extra coffee the next day. Antioxidants are found in coffee that help detox the liver. And the biggest thing, don't get hammered. Getting drunk regardless of the amount or type of alcohol has negative affects on the body in which the sum is greater than the parts and it interferes with sleep which is the ultimate no no.

Joint pain

Dr Squat,can I know more about Absinthe what is the main role of this herb in killing pain?

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A GREAT read! Enjoy!

$75 a bottle in Iowa.

$75 a bottle in Iowa. Probably worth it considering 1 shot a night is not much but I will wait until a better economy before trying.

I was reading about the

I was reading about the Czech Liquor with tens if not more of herbs. I should try it, I remember reading what the body doesn't need it dipsoses of and intakes what it needs. 2 shots a night of the Czech liquor plus my herbs and vitamins and perhaps I will benefit.