80 Day Program Question

I'm a few weeks into the 80 day peaking program, getting ready for my first meet in September (just planning to bench). I build my own spreadsheet to calculate everything for me, which took a fair amount of time. For my calculations, I started with my current max, and increased it weekly by a small percentage that corresponds to the chart given at the bottom of the program (i.e. bench was .83%, which should take my max from 215 to 235 over the course of the program.

I then use the current weekly max to calculate my weights for the day - i.e. if the program says use 85%, I use 85% of that week's max, not my original max. This has worked through the first 30 days. In comparing the reps/weight to a typical max chart, this works up to 100% - i.e. two reps at 95% on the bench should match up to the 1 RM. However, on day 71 the program says to do two reps at 100%. Clearly it's not possible to do two reps at 100% of the 1RM. Does that mean that I use a good spotter to keep the weight moving, or am I just using the percentages wrong?

Adam, when I ran the program

Adam, when I ran the program I used the calcul;ator from Joe Skopec's site and avoided the interpretation or work around adjusting the max as you move through the program.

I would shoot for 3 doubles at your original 100% (or 95% of current working max)rather than risk missing a lift this close to a contest.

At this point, I think insuring you make the heavy doubles without failure is probably more important than using the exact percentage.

Thanks, and followup

Thanks for the reply. I looked at the calculators, but it looks like they start the program with a reduced max. You can see it in the Excel version. I think this is to accommodate someone who has a max from a prior competition that is higher than their current max. In my case, I was starting with a known max. This makes for some pretty substantial differences in the weights. Two heavy workouts ago it was 190 vs. 200 pounds, and the last one was still 190 vs. 205.

It just seems like this doesn't match up with Dr. Squat's description:

"You must begin by calculating training poundages based on percentages of your current maximum in each of the three lifts. . . Each week, use the tabled amounts in computing training poundages at 80, 85, 90, 95, 100 and 120 percent. Adjust them if necessary, but not haphazardly."

Making it even more confusing, the two charts of the program (http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/drsquat11.htm) and (http://drsquat.com/content/knowledge-base/conditioning-tips-powerlifters) are different. Day 71 on drsquat.com calls for 100% x 2/3, while the other site calls for 80% x 2/5 - i.e. a longer taper for the competition.