1 meal a day Lt. General Stanley McChrystal

Hello guys.
I ve read that Lt. General Stanley McChrystal eats 1 meal a day, at night and runs every morning.
This reminds me of the warrior diet (scam?).
This also reminds me of a guy i used to know who was well build and also livedon 1 meal a day.

I know this goes against all logic and especially the Zig Zag diet approach.
over eating before you rest, not eating before you workout. sounds crazy.

But i want to know if some of you ever did this and what happend.

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Herschel Walker does it too.

Herschel Walker does it too. Its no big deal. Animals eat once a day and they do alright. You could maintain most of your strength and muscle with 1200 calories a day as long as you keep lifting heavy.

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Ever seen a pic of General

Ever seen a pic of General McChrystal??? He's a buck 60 with boots on soaking wet and holding an M1.

The warrior diet isn't a scam.... From a health standpoint it's legitimate. However, for an athlete who needs muscle and strength it's far from optimal. Living like that is too difficult and unrealistic for most people. When you're running a war.... It may be the only viable option.

yeah, you can

yeah you can live on 1200 calories a day (I did 600-800 working insane hours for years). But, once I wanted to get BIG (not fit) I quadrupled my intake of carbs and protein. People from years past at the pubs and clubs don't recognize me. My nickname was slim and now I just hope it's not "mean one" because in crowded halls my shoulders ocasionally knock people down. Put in what your body needs after overload and get sleep and you get results.

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Of course if you want to

Of course if you want to build muscle you need more food. Sometimes its good to take a break and do the one meal thing for 2 or 3 weeks. Although, I know some skinny people that can't gain weight no matter how much they eat. One meal probably would'nt be good for them.

I'm trying something similar

I'm trying something similar right now, raw fruits and vegetables late in the afternoon and a large semi-paleo dinner a few hours later.

So far I like the results. I feel great during the day. And I'm losing weight. And my muscles are still here!

Yes i have seen his picture

Yes i have seen his picture before and he looks very slim indeed
About Herschel Walker, well i dont believe ANYHING he says....not about his diet not about his training..

Charles Izzo, what do you eat at morning?
I was thinking of eating raw fruits veggies and nuts during the day and a big hot meal at night...

Eric, In the morning I try

In the morning I try to stay as close to zero calories as possible. So I might have a diet soda, better yet I'll have non-sweetened tea. These days I'm also drinking A LOT of water too earlier in the day.

My first meal is in the afternoon. Thats when I'll have raw fruits and vegetables, and maybe a few hard boiled eggs. Then on the weekends I might treat myself by going out for a breakfast meal in the afternoon.

Folks, I thought this was

I thought this was worth bringing back up as something crazy happened to be recently.

Long story short, I've been eating nothing but raw fruits and vegetables for lunch late in the day with no protein. Thats my meal 1 where as meal 2 is a few hours later and it is typically high in protein. I also train before meal 2 and sometimes first thing in the morning.

I expected to lose strength temporarily while doing it this way. But to my surprise the opposite has occurred! To tell you guys the truth I have felt much weaker and fatigued over the last year or so. But it seems I am getting strong again and approaching numbers close to my old ones from previous years. Here is my extreme example:

Long story short, Wednesday night after working (desk job) 10 hours without food (+ no food while sleeping) and eating close to zero carbs the night before, I did my squat workout before dinner time. I ended up deep squatting 295 x 5 on the safety squat bar. I weighed 179 lbs at the time, the lightest I've been in 10 years. And my old best barbell squat was 315 x 5. So I am getting my old strength back!

The truth is that all of the scientific studies I have read about actually indicate that eating less frequently should be both healthier and result in a leaner body. However, I do realize that there are circumstances in which eating more frequently can be of benefit for athletic goals or performance.

The way I see it is as long as you can fit enough food in your stomach, digest it, and store it, to last you for what you need, you are good to go. Some people can do fine off from a few meals per day while others will need more. Some people have higher calorie requirements and therefore might need more meals. Others just can't fit a lot of food in their stomaches.

But I have known construction workers who only eat once or twice per day. Once per day seems a bit extreme while twice per day seems a little bit more reasonable. While it may work for them, I am quite sure it wouldn't be an optimal strategy for a marathon runner or a heavy weight pro bodybuilder. But for even a relatively active average Joe or Jane, I think its fine.

As for protein frequency requirements, I haven't seen any research indicating an absolute need for consuming it more than once per day or that anything bad would happen if you did it that way. The only research that I have read about is that less than 60 grams per day will hinder one's ability to gain muscle.

So I'm challenging the belief that one must eat protein frequently. My own experience is showing that once per day is plenty. I think a large double blind study would be great for this one. But who would benefit? Only the consumer who would be saving money by eating less protein. I don't think there will be any companies funding such a study any time soon.

I LOVE eating a lb of meat + eggs at my heavy dinners! But I doubt I need or could fit any much more in my stomach than that.

One more thing to add folks.

One more thing to add folks. How in the world can this work and even be healthy? Let me answer. Well, assuming that I am correct about there being no need to eat protein more frequently than say once or twice per day, we are left with the following:
Studies have shown that GH continues to rise the longer you go without food. And believe it or not and contradictory to what most people would have you believe, short term studies going over a day have also shown that your resting metabolic rate actually increases the longer you go without food.

So this pretty much means that you will have more energy if you go longer without food. There are also countless health and fitness benefits to increased GH levels. I don't think I would recommend going for days without food. But eating only a few times per day isn't going to hurt you; it can only help you.

A friend of mine argued the point to me that sumo wrestlers only eat once per day. My response was that yes, if you eat like a glutton by eating things you shouldn't eat and eating beyond the point of being full, you will be fat! It doesn't matter if you eat once per day or 6 times. If you eat junk and too much of it you will be fat.

But it has been my experience that when you eat less frequently and lose weight you gain better control over your appetite. When I was fatter and eating more frequently I had a much harder time knowing how much to eat and as a result I probably overate a lot. Now days I know when I am full and when I'm full I stop eating.

Here's a good way to look at it. The fatter you are and the more you eat the more leptin you produce. Leptin is supposed to get the signal to your body and brain that you have plenty of energy and therefore don't need to eat anymore. The problem is if you eat too much and get fat the signal gets blunted and you become leptin resistant. That's one of the physical reasons why obese people always feel hungry all the time even though they have plenty of fat available for energy and they've already eaten.

In my case however I don't have such a problem. When I eat until I'm full, I really feel stuffed! And I won't want to eat heavy like that again until the next day.

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Heres an article guys will

Heres an article guys will love:


I also read about old time bodybuilder Clancy Ross tapering down to one meal a day a week or two before a contest.

Pete, Thanks for the good

Thanks for the good read!

I liked the part when he talked about slimming down to more of a "natural" size. The reality is however that natural athletes aren't going to get bigger than they're supposed "natural" size. Sure, any hard working athlete will get much bigger than your average joe, but there really is only so far you can take it.

I'm a good example of that. I was 115 lbs when I first picked up a barbell and I've probably realistically added 50-60 lbs of solid muscle to my body ever since then. And while 165-175 lbs isn't really that big, being shredded at that weight would actually be quite respectable. That's where I want to be, not at 180! I am convinced that I can work my body into the dirt all I want, but I'm not going to get any bigger than that. And that's fine with me. It sure feels good to be lean and have a flat belly!