How to stretch the entire posterior chain

One of my good friend's mom (who is big into yoga, stretching etc.) was showing me some stretches. I told her I wanted to know some stretches to loosen up my lower back. She then taught me my now favorite stretch ever.

1) With straight, locked legs, bend down into a classical ham stretch (touch your toes), and let your torso hang for 10 seconds or so, and stay completely relaxed.

2) Then, take your hands and clasp them behind your head, and apply pressure on the back or your head, like you are stretching your neck. The result is a stretching sensation thru my calves, hams, low back and erectors and neck. It's awesome.

Plus, she showed me some hip stretches I already knew about. Now that I am getting up in limit strength, I understand the importance of flexibility, recovery and muscle balance in order to lift heavy for a long time. Hope you do too.


How to stretch the entire posterior chain

is flexibility really that important?

I am naturally extremely flexible, i never stretch and I can still put my palms on the floor; i used to be able to put my body in a pretzel as well (legs behind head)...never really saw any athletic benefits to being flexible, tho.

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How to stretch the entire posterior chain


It's good to hear from you. How are the numbers? Squat past 6 yet?

How to stretch the entire posterior chain

What's Up Ike,

I hit 575 for a double about 10 weeks ago, and then I went on a CAT routine that I devised, (prilephin's table) and I also started dieting. I pretty much went on a t-dawg 2.0 diet from without knowing I was, and anyhow from september 9th till now I went from 260 lbs to 220 lbs without a loss of muscle, and in fact a gain in strength. My friends ask me if I started working out, and I laugh every time.

This week is the end of my 10 week plan; I am doing a deload week, next week I will go in, wrap up and see what I can do in all 3 lifts. I am hoping to hit 615 in squat, 395-405 bench, and a 600 pull. I feel pretty confident about these numbers, three weeks ago I was feeling strong after a workout and pulled 590 after a bunch of sets of squats. Then a week ago I was feeling "strong" once again after some speed sets and squatted 515 for a set of 7, which is an all-time HUGE pr in that rep range for me. I can remember a year and a half ago I squatted 405 for 8 thought I was going to die, so I like to see progress like that.

Anyhow I am rambling, and I haven't been posting recently but will start to more. I am going to lift in a meet here in Denver on the 10th of March. I'm going to have to buy some gear, since I don't own any other than some knee wraps, so I will keep up to date.

What about you? Progress within the past 6 months?