Dr Squats Vertical Jump Program

Dr Squat, has anyone actually completed your vertical jump program?

I have yet to see anyone complete it - so I am putting my hand up to give the program a go. I've seen people comment on it, some start it, but no-one finished it.

I just completed my 2nd workout (Wednesday) of the first week, but I only just got my account activated to be able to post.

I am modifing just 2 things in the Dr Squat Vertical Jump Program -

1) No plyometrics what so ever - I am 'fairly' in-season at the moment with basketball in Australia and considering my depth jump vertical off an 18 inch box is 31 inches and my standing vertical is just 28 inches, I think my strength needs to catch up.

2) Three phases to the program - No change to the first 8 weeks, the second lot of 8 weeks will be based on the first few weeks of the second phase (still at 3 workouts per week), and the final 8 weeks will be based on the 2 workouts a week part of the second phase.

Strength is my only issue so I realise that some of my gains will be 'beginner' gains due to my lack of strength training background. I have every vertical jump program on the market, but only for research/knowledge purposes. I have only ever done Air Alert back when I was 15 (23 now). It did some good things and bad things, mostly good though so no complaints about Air Alert on my behalf.

I am also taking the 'wonder supplement' Adenotrex, but I am very concerned over the hype about it as it hasn't done a thing for me yet (after 7 weeks).

One thing that has worked well for me are the Springbak Insoles. Now that is a product.

I can already dunk off one or two feet with one or two hands, so it is more to go beyond that level.

So guys, I will post every workout day only, and will test my vertical twice per phase - after the first 4 weeks, and during the active rest week of each phase.

Let's see how I go!

Hope you guys can help me along the way in case I lose motivation or something, as 24 weeks is quite a long time to stay dedicated, but there is plenty of variety to keep me from buring out!


Dr Squats Vertical Jump Program

Well, final workout of Week 1 done!

Managed to up all lifts by about 5% from my Monday's workout, so was happy with that. Don't want to do too much too soon so that was good.

I am considering measuring my vertical on the weekend instead of at the end of the 4th week as I mentioned, due to my basketball game last night - I hit my elbow on the rim off a step for a rebound!? I have never got up that high before (or maybe it could be the Adenotrex supplement finally kicking in!). So will see how that goes.

Was feeling pretty good after the workout this morning - I am making flexibility and stretching a big part of my recovery plan to minimise as much soreness as possible (which I know will happen when I have to start using higher %'s of my lifts next week).

So yeah, happy with Week 1 - I just hope I don't end up as one of those guys who ends up quitting after a week or two.

Will post on Monday after my first workout of Week 2 and will let you know what my vertical is after the weekend measurement.

Enjoy your weekend guys!


Honestly I doubt anyone had

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jump program

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