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Hi folks. This BodyCraft software, being released the week of 9/26, is the ORIGINAL software I created for the zigzag diet waaaay back! This is a Very cool and very simple program. This section is set up for questions,answers and support. So if you need help or have feedback, this is the place for it.


Fred Hatfield

Same as original?

I have the original program that came on the 3.5" floppies way back when. I think I had copied it to a harddrive somewhere so I may still have it. Is this program going to be different than the original??
Loved the program. I'll have to dig it out again. Hopefully I can find it!


Can I buy Bodycraft software for myself ande to train others if I am not ISSA certified?

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BodyCraft is FINALLY about

BodyCraft is FINALLY about to be re-launched! Look for it! Doug, yes, you can get the's web-based, so no messing with loading, etc. Same features as the old software, but immensely upgraded, expanded and refined.

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I am excited about the new software. I plan to take advantage of the FREE TRIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. You will be hearing from me soon.

Excellent! I like it and it

Excellent! I like it and it stops any potential errors with dieting and math. It simplifies the whole training situation and keeps records for printout and storage. I figure if a trainer gets many clients or starts one's own gynm with multiple trainers it is effective enough, too. I'd like to see business software for gym management if that is something that is needed for ISSA members and/or others.