Body Type question for Dr. Squat

I've been looking into the different Somatotypes (Ectomorph, Mesomorph etc.) and saw that you said in another post that everybody was rated on a scale of 1-7 for each of the three with the average person around 4,4,4. This doesn't really make sense to me as I always considered the Ectomorph as the antithesis of and Endomorph with the Mesomorph somewhere in between.

Could you explain how someone could exhibit traits of all types and maybe what the real distinction is between the three characteristics. Does it make sense that someone could be a 7,7,7 and is this really different than a 1,1,1?

Finally, should people with different body types either train or eat any differently?

Body Type question for Dr. Squat

You're asking me a VERY complicated question, so let's try to simplify things.

Picture the population of all athletes as a triangle, with mesomorphs (171), endomorphs (117) and ectomorphs (711) at the tips. The average Joe is a "444" (in the middle of the triangle).

Place the mesomorph at the top -- the apex -- of the triangle.

Anyone BELOW the horizontal 444 line (the midpoint of the triangle) is NOT an athlete. That means A LARGE MAJORITY of people! It is as it should be.

So, according to the research literature, starting with endomorps, to mesomorphs to ectomorphs, a 711 is a fat slob. a 171 is a great athlete, and a 117 is a frail, skinny beanpole (also not a great athlete).

ALL ATHLETES, my friend, is ABOVE the 444 line!!!!! Marathoners, football players, basketball players, etc!


Ya gotta have MUSCLE to be great!

Body Type question for Dr. Squat

So if I follow you I should think of it as a ternary graph where the three factors aren't independent and the values of 1,1,1 and 7,7,7 aren't possible since as one of the values rises above a 4 at least one of the other two must reduce below a 4 since the three categories are similar to ingredients in a mixture and the total has to add to 100% and a 4,4,4 is the equivalent to saying ~33% of each?

This explaination makes a lot of sense to me but if I'm off base I'd love to know. Thanks for everything (and by the way, I love the Glute-Ham-Gastroc machine.)

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Body Type question for Dr. Squat

Dr. Squat wrote:
Ya gotta have MUSCLE to be great!

By "Great" I assume you mean "Great at sports."

It's possible to achieve greatness using emotional and intellectual strengths instead of physical strengths.

Body Type question for Dr. Squat

Yes to both Ethan and Stu...