PASSION...and Peak Performance

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Do YOU have what it takes?


NOT commitment to excellence...

Rather, utter disdain for anything less! 

NOT endless hours of practice...         

Instead, PERFECT practice! 

NOT ability to cope...         

Rather, total domination of EVERY situation in life! 

NOT setting goals...

Goals too often prescribe performance limits! NOT doing what it takes to win...

Instead, a burning commitment to do what no one has ever

done, or will ever do again!! 

NOT need to achieve...

Instead, doing what it takes to EXCEED the bounds of mere convention 

NOT force of skill or muscle...

Rather, it’s the explosive, sometimes calamitous force of


If  you believe in and practice these things,  then for you, winning is neither everything nor the only thing as the great Vince Lombardi once said.  If you believe in and practice these things, then, for you, winning has become a FOREGONE CONCLUSION! 

But if, along the way, you somehow stumble, PROFIT from the experience!  Then, vow, by the power of Almighty God, it'll NEVER happen  again! 

Dr. Squat


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Great words of wisdom!

Great words of wisdom!

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But many a man has traded the love of a good woman and the happiness of friends and family in it's pursuit - just not worth it.

Good Lifting!


This isn't happening, it only thinks it's happening.